Thinking Expressions

Today's thinking expression is:

"Hmm, Let Me See!"

When Mr Ormandy came to visit us, he asked students from our Cheetahs classes a lot of questions! He noticed, that whilst the students were thinking how to respond to his questions, they were saying “え,とう。。。” so he started to teach those students “Hmm, Let Me See!”. This is a very useful thing to say when you are thinking about how to answer any question (especially the teacher’s!) or trying to make a decision!

Why do we say this? Because we have an image of looking around in our memory and visualising(seeing) the possible results of our decision.

An example.

You are in a bike shop, thinking about buying a very nice, but very expensive new bicycle. On one hand you may think “It will be really nice riding that bike. Also, it is really cool, and I will look cool riding it.” On the other hand, you may visualise the small amount of money in your bank after you buy it! Whilst you are thinking, you will say to yourself "Hmm, let me see!"

Another example.

When I write the other part of our blog, I often say, “Let Me See!”, whilst I am thinking about how I can help my students.

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